Piano Lessons in English or German

Sample online piano lessons

Here are two sample online (ZOOM) piano lessons with my young students.

6 year-old student who has been learning piano for one year

7 year-old student who has been learning piano for one year

Piano Salon Suginami’s Vision & Mission

private piano lessons in English or German in Tokyo

Piano Salon Suginami’s mission is to offer qualified private piano lessons for kids and adults from beginner to advanced.
We also prepare students for auditions, competitions and entrance exams in music university and conservatory.

We offer personalized one-on-one piano lessons either online or at our private studio located in Suginami/Tokyo, between Ogikubo and Nishiogikubo stations.

Our goal is to inspire and foster students at every level of music education not only by helping them to convey their message to the audience in performance using emotion and flair, but focusing solfège and music theory.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are based on the length of the each lesson. The monthly fee includes the cost of the private lessons as well as of facility charges.
The cost of the piano books or all participation fees for auditons, competitions and formal performances are excluded.

1. Online Lessons

Lesson LengthOnline Instruction onlyTuition fees
30 minutesOnce4000 yen/once
60 minutesOnce8000 yen/once

2. Lessons in the Studio or Online

Lesson LengthIn-Studio/Online InstructionTuition fees
60 minutesOnce a month8800 yen/month
45 minutesFour times a month22000 yen/month
50 minutesThree times a month19000yen/month
45 minutesThree times a month18000yen/month
40 minutesThree times a month16500 yen/month
50 minutesTwice a month13500 yen/month
45 minutesTwice a month12500 yen/month
40 minutesTwice a month11000 yen/month
30 minutesTrial lesson (only once)3000 yen

Lesson lengths can be increased based on the age, maturity, motivation and development of each student.

*All lessons must be paid in advance.

**We have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy.
If a student needs to cancel or reschedule a lesson (for whatever reason), she/he must do so by providing us with at least 24 hours notice. Any notifications under 24 hours notice will result in the student forfeiting the lesson fee. Rescheduled/make-up lessons cannot be rescheduled a second time.


private piano lessons in English or German in Tokyo
Piano lessons can be offered in English, German or Japanese.
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